All Heart Silver Stacking Cuff Bracelet

All Heart Silver Stacking Cuff Bracelet

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Let this sweet little cuff hug your wrist and remind you that, LOVE holds us all together.


~ Personalization ~

Your cuff can be personalized with a word or name.

**you will receive an email shortly after your purchase so that you can give us the information to personalize your cuff

~ measurements and sizing ~

We use a standard size of 6inches to create these cuffs, if you need a different size you can let us know in the follow up email you receive.

~how to wear it ~

These cuff bracelets are substantial enough to be worn all on their own. Yet the are slim and light weight enough for stacking multiple together.

~ how it's made ~

Each cuff bracelet starts out as an extra thick strip of sterling silver wire. I then hand cut, texturize, stamp and form it to create a cuff.
Each end is then adorned with one of my exclusive hand cast Sterling Silver Hearts.

The whole bracelet will then be antiqued using a chemical process to bring out the texture and details, then it will be cleaned, tumbled and polished.

Materials: time and love,sterling silver,